Aroma Season Wireless Heating Eye Mask


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Heated Eye Mask Cordless, Warm Eye Compress for Dry Eyes Stye Blepharitis Chalazion MGD, Heat Therapy to Unclog Gland, Soothe Tired and Sore Eyes, Machine Washable.


【Cordless design】Are you annoyed with the intertwined cord when you use electric heated eye mask? And you have to stay near the wall outlet or take a power bank. The Aroma Season Cordless heated eye mask solved the problems.
【Warm Compress】An 15 minutes warm compress with Aroma Season eye mask to eyes can unclog lacrimal gland, relive dry eyes, styes, blepharitis, MGD, and migraine.
【Machine Washable】The cover is removable and machine washable. Always keeps your eyes in a hygienical situation.
【Great Journey Mate】Aroma Season heated eye masks provide total dark environment and relaxes eyes on the flight, in the cars, or in hotels.
【Soothing Fabric】Silky feeling fabric gives fantastic touches to your eyes. Enjoy the eye Spa during the warm therapy.

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