Aroma Season Menstrual Heating Pad


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Aroma Season Menstrual Heating Pad, Cordless Heating Pad for Relieve Menstrual Pain, Cramps, Period Pain, Back Pain, Lower Back Pain


【Warm Therapy for Menstrual Pain】Aroma Season Heating Pad can generate warm and infrared ray to human body to relieve Menstrual Pain, Cramps, Period Pain, Back Pain, Lower Back Pain, Back Pain, etc
【Temperature and Time Control with Screen】Aroma Season heating pad provide 4 heating modes from 104°F to 140°F and 4 Time Levels from 15 to 60 minutes, it will shut off automatically at the end of the countdown.
【Rechargeable Battery】 8000mAh Li-Ion battery can support 10 hours (under low heating level) and work as a common Power Bank. You can wear the heating pad and go anywhere without power cords.
【Rapid & Long-lasting heating】Our heating pad can quickly heat up in 15 seconds and last for over 10 hours to provide heat therapy. It helps to relieve cramps, lower back pains
【Soft & Flexible Fabric】The heating pad is made of soft and flexible fabric which touches comfortably. The heating pad is suitable for waist size from 26 to 43 inches.You can adjust the velcro to get a desired feeling.

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