Aroma Season Heated Ankle Wrap


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Aroma Season Heated Ankle Wrap, Warm Therapy for Sports Injury Relief, Warm Compress for Ankle Sprains Recovery


【Heat Therapy for Ankle Pain】Aroma Season heated ankle wrap is designed to provide effective relief for ankle sprains. The heat generated by the wrap helps to promote blood circulation, reduce swelling and alleviate pain.
【Temperature and Time Control with Screen】Aroma Season heated ankle wrap features a temperature time controller with a digital display, allowing you to adjust the temperature and select the desired treatment time.The wrap provide 5 heating modes from 104°F to 140°F and 4 Time Levels from 10 to 60 minutes.
【Overheating Protection】The item is equipped with Negative Temperature Coefficient Sensor which checks the temperature in real time and controls temperature to provide overheat protection.
【One Size Fits All】Our ankle heating pad is designed to fit different sizes of feet. With the stretchable strap, you can adjust it to fit the ankle and foot, it is firm and not easy to slip from your feet.
【Soft & Flexible Fabric】The heating wrap is made of soft and flexible fabric which touches comfortably. You can adjust the Velcro to get a desired feeling.

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