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Aroma Season has always been dedicated to the pursuit of warmth, both in its products and its ethos. From our inception, we’ve strived to create innovative solutions that bring comfort and coziness to life. Whether it’s through our meticulously crafted warming products or our commitment to fostering a welcoming community, our mission remains unwavering: to envelop our customers in warmth, both physically and emotionally. We believe that warmth is not just a sensation but a state of being—a feeling of security, connection, and well-being that transcends boundaries. With every product we create and every interaction we have, we aim to ignite the spark of warmth that brings joy and comfort to all who encounter Aroma Season.

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Aroma season

Aroma Season is a brand that specialized on warming products. We started from microwave heated product since 2002. The microwavable products are filled with some aroma plants like natural lavender, chamomile, lemongrass, peppermint for aromatherapy. That’s why we name our brand “Aroma Season”.

Heated eye mask

With the development of technology, we start to work on electric heating products. We are proud that it’s Aroma Season brought the first electric heated eye mask to the world in 2010. Now Aroma Season Heated Eye Mask become the most famous heated eye mask in the market

Research & Development

Aroma Season has its own R&D team and laboratory. The team of engineers tirelessly strives to introduce cutting-edge products. From concept to creation, we are committed to pushing boundaries and delivering excellence, ensuring that our customers always have access to the latest advancements in aromatherapy and wellness technology. Experience the difference with Aroma Season – where innovation meets quality.”

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